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Imagine you are planning a promotion event and Canto-pop boy band Mirror will be performing. Hong Kong fans young and old queued excitedly for the idols. All you need right now is to allow the fans to indulge in intense clarity for visuals, LED wall rental and videos to give the audience an immersive experience.

Led wall

Imagine you are planning a promotion event and Canto-pop boy band Mirror will be performing. Hong Kong fans young and old queued excitedly for the idols. All you need right now is to allow the fans to indulge in intense clarity for visuals, LED wall rental and videos to give the audience an immersive experience.

Think of another scenario that you are attending an annual general meeting, executives sit around a long table presenting the annual financial result to investors. The background is a LED wall with a video conference screen showing the figures which include calling and messaging capabilities. Investors can dial in to ask management questions immediately.

Recent technology has liberated lighting design and LED wall rental capabilities. LED walls are widely adapted in HK. With the internet of things (IoTs) and the constant evolution of LED lights, LED technology is giving designers and event planners new focus and freedom to apply into zoom meeting, video webinar and event production. The ease of LED wall rental also gives event planners more flexibility to use it in various events. Viva AV has a reputation for providing some of the most inspiring visual displays you will ever see for LED wall rental.

LED wall rental to maximize advertising impact

LED walls are everywhere in HK, from countless digital billboards, signage displays and even on public transport. The outdoor LED wall is available for spaces such as bus-stop shelters, shopping malls, retail stores and street benches. The use of LED walls is widely used in different industries such as automotive, healthcare, hospitality, government and corporates.

Not only does LED wall HK showcase the automotive images, it transforms automotive product marketing and viewing experience. By providing a contrast to the actual model, audiences can immerse themselves into the world of racetrack. It is commonly used in pop-up displays and press conferences of car shows to provide the audience an exclusive view of automotive and deliver a luxury brand moment. LED wall rental for car shows is definitely pioneering a new way of buying cars.

Another example is how hospitality uses LED wall HK to impress their guests. A luxury 5-stars hotel must have something that creates an unforgettable experience for their guests. When your guests get into the hotel lobby, this creates a “wow” effect and memory to them. LED walls can be applied to wedding banquets and celebrations to create unique experiences. The bride and groom can use the LED wall to showcase their childhood videos to share the joy and memories to their relatives and friends. It is an exquisite choice guaranteed to make the wedding or celebrations truly unforgettable.

With more companies adapting work from home policy, more conference rooms in offices have been renovated to enhance productivity for the new way of work by elevating video conferences through multi-view capabilities. More offices are changing traditional TV into LED walls to ensure staff see all details during the meeting. The demand for zoom meeting and video conferencing has surged during the pandemic. LED walls are replacing the TV for high resolution video conference.

Advantages for renting LED wall to showcase your products

As a marketer, branding is always the first priority. Differentiate your brand with competitors by leveraging the LED wall and provide an ultimate visual brand experience. Renting LED walls is just a small part of your marketing and event budget but brings a huge impact to your event. LED wall HK is easy to manage and secure for advertising your products.

LED walls can capture the guests’ attention as soon as they enter the venue. Our technical team have been utilizing LED walls to ensure guests at any distance enjoy the spectacle of the event while keeping social distance.

Differences between LED wall and traditional signage

The LED video wall and traditional signage differs in many ways. First of all, billboards can only provide static images while LED video walls provide more interactivity and easily display the messages from a laptop. Some LED walls can provide 3D graphics and motions so the audiences can get a long lasting brand impression. Some clients who are more creative and want more engagements with customers would even prepare an instant Q&A session using LED walls. They would gather all the questions from the audiences through some softwares or social media platforms and project the questions on the LED wall. The panel would immediately answer the questions for a two-way discussion.

LED walls are more effective in advertising compared with traditional billboards. Viva AV provides LED walls rental service. If you want to have a roadshow and want to attract more customers, LED walls would definitely be the right choice. You can even broadcast the product videos on the LED wall to achieve the best advertising result. Billboards or traditional signages have the limitation of booking early and having static images only. LED walls can have multiple graphics, videos or animations to cater to product showcases in a more lively way.

Contact Viva AV for LED wall rental

Despite the pandemic which forces events to postpone or cancel, we are happy to hear things are reopening up again. We are ready to get through this long blackout of events and back on event production again. If you think your next event can benefit from the inspiring visuals of LED wall, be sure to contact us for LED wall rental service now!

Rest assured we have the knowledge and experience to deliver the best LED wall rental service. Call us at +852 5500 1813 to speak to our team and we can help arrange a free demo about LED wall rental, lighting, audio and video system. We will support installation and ensure the best visual experience.

LED Wall / Video Wall Rental Hong Kong - FAQ

1. How to rent an LED wall in HK?

Simply tell us your requirements and event needs, we will match your needs with the right LED wall. Whether you want an outdoor LED wall for signage display to showcase advertising or LED wall for exhibition, our skilled technicians are here to help you deliver an excellent visual experience.

2. Apart from the LED wall, do you rent other equipment?

We offer audio and video systems for rental as a one-stop solution for your events.

3. What are the sizes of LED wall rental?

The sizes range to 200 sq ft suit your event needs with great color and details. LED wall HK can be used for both indoors and outdoors events to transform any venue.

4. What are the advantages of LED walls compared to billboards and other traditional signage?

LED walls can provide more interactivity, allow content flexibility and able for instant changes to show immediate messages on LED walls. Traditional signages take longer time than the LED video wall to implement which involves printing and installation while LED wall only needs to install software and project the relevant messages from a laptop. LED wall shortens the signages making process, allowing more time for audiences to engage in the event with interactive messages projected on LED walls.

5. Why should I use LED wall rental for my event?

An LED wall can make an immersive backdrop if you have the budget to make it happen.

Let us help you get a LED wall and produce the most engaging event.