Organising an annual dinner is a huge task for the whole company so better plan ahead. A well organised annual dinner company would suit your needs. If you are planning an annual dinner of any size or scale, you will hire an annual dinner planner to help make your employees feel memorable and delightful. Each year the gala dinner also serves a purpose to celebrate the hard work of your employees. Book your annual dinner planner with Viva AV to enjoy a seamless planning process with innovative and exceptional design.

Importance of annual dinner

Annual dinner is the time for colleagues to gather and enjoy the fun! It is usually one of the key events of the year in the company (apart from team building events) when colleagues can all get together and be reacquainted with those only seen from year to year.

The magic of annual dinner can provide some much-needed laughter due to the pandemic. Group parties and annual dinner still seem like a distant memory. How wonderful it is to think of the annual dinner with friends and colleagues to gather around and build the connections and relationships. Annual dinner is a great networking tool for colleagues.

Annual dinner planning process

Although with social distancing measures reducing capacity, it is advisable to book the annual dinner venue early especially hotels or restaurants with dramatic cityscape vistas. Got a superb idea? We will discuss the annual dinner theme, scale, budget, production and rundown with your team. We will work on the dining menu, whether you want sparkling wine reception or perfectly paired wine with Chinese cuisine, we will work hard to suit your needs.

Annual dinner company based in Hong Kong

We are an annual dinner company focusing on the Hong Kong market. Our team brings extensive knowledge to your annual dinner planning. We are specialized in annual dinner production, live events, hands on technical and recording support. We value your ideas and turn them into reality.

Annual dinner planning service by Viva AV

As a professional annual dinner company, we provide you with theming, decorations, audio visual support, technical and staging production to ensure your annual dinner runs smoothly.

Our annual dinner staging includes backdrop production, led wall or other projection screens. The range of staging solutions fits your budget. Lighting effects add a fantastic factor and leave a good memory. Spotlights on stage, mood lighting or party theme, we can transform the lighting to accomplish the venue.

Audio is the key element of your annual dinner – CEO or senior management may make a speech before dinner to value the hard work of employees, having enjoyable music throughout the night, dancing and singing or other entertainment on stage, all these require excellent condition of audio equipment. Being an experienced annual dinner company, we will conduct audio testing beforehand so that your guests can hear everything.

On a technical aspect, our team will be onsite throughout the event. From set up, rehearsal to onsite support, we can react fast to any incidents that may happen on the night and face challenges in a professional way.

We also provide video recording, photography and film production for you to record the annual dinner. Your team can share the annual dinner happenings immediately on social media and post event footage can be used in future corporate promotion or advertising.

Annual dinner themes design

We strive to improve and search for fresh ideas. Most annual dinner companies would suggest having a theme for gala dinner to embrace unity and build up the team spirit. Have you got a theme in your mind? Marvel? Cartoons? Dress in corporate colours? Monopoly? Back to the 80s? We will think through the process and provide event design references for you! You don’t need to worry about the decorations and design once you confirm the theme.

Explore our previous annual dinners

Our clients claim that we are expert annual dinner planners! We can bring your dreams to life. Check out our portfolio and we look forward to becoming your next annual dinner company to bring you success and achieve your goals.

  • Why do you need to hire an annual dinner planner?

An annual dinner planner or company helps you prepare everything you need so you can focus on your daily work and minimize your company’s resources for gala dinner.

  • How to look for a good annual dinner company?

You can check their company portfolio and see if they have any previous experiences on planning annual dinners with corporate clients.

  • How do you plan our annual dinners?

After confirming the budget, venue and event date, we start to work on the theme and event rundown like the opening, speech, games and awards presentations. We actively engage with your team to collect your ideas and comments on every aspect. We care about the success of your annual dinner and you can rely on us to organize it.