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Have you ever had a fantastic idea for the perfect event, only to wind up tearing your hair out looking for the right caterers, only to wind up with a dreary event that everyone has seen a hundred times?

It is often easy to find big events being held in Hong Kong. 9 out of 10 of those events were held with the assistance of event management companies. A successful event is a great marketing strategy for companies. It provides a way to retain customers and even attract new ones. It is important since it connects to communities, it connects between international and Hong Kong businesses. Designing and producing an event, on either hand, is no easy task. It entails determining the target audience devising the event concept, laying out the procedures, and coordinating the technical aspects. This is when Viva AV, an event production and management company, comes in useful.

Viva AV is a Hong Kong-based professional event management and production company. We were founded by a team of devoted event specialists in 2016. We are very proud to say that Viva AV offers all-in-one event management services. Professional technical assistance is available in all areas. Viva Av delivers comprehensive services including lighting, sound, video, musical instruments, event planning, conferences, exhibitions, press releases, annual dinners, performance services for bands etc.

We are not only here to take care of all your technical difficulties, but to make your event memorable, efficient and valuable. We promise that your event will be more productive and enjoyable than ever before.

Trends in Event Production Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s environment has created a fertile ground for event production. Companies from local and international, both recognize the significance of well-organised events for brand visibility and audience engagement. As a result, the demand for event production Hong Kong services has been on a steady rise.

Event production Hong Kong is a dynamic area that is continually evolving to satisfy the changing demands and expectations of attendees. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of hybrid events in event production. With the use of Hybrid events model in event management Hong Kong, attendees can join from anywhere in the world, eliminating the need for travel and increasing the exposure and engagement to the events.

Also, event production companies are increasingly using data analytics to make knowledgeable decisions about everything from venue selection to marketing and advertising strategies. This data-driven approach can ensure that event productions are more tailored to the specific preferences in their target market.

In the digital age, social media sometimes performs a vital position in event production. Many event production companies are partnering with social media influencers to amplify event attention and engagement. Live streaming and real-time updates on structures like Instagram and Facebook are becoming vital for occasions looking to make a large effect. On the other hand, we can find many new technologies used in event production. For example, Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are more common to integrate in event management Hong Kong in recent years.

Why choose Viva AV for event production and event management company?

It is true that there are numerous event management companies in Hong Kong. However, Viva Av, as an innovator in the Hong Kong event planning industry with rich experience and expertise make us the best choice of event management companies for your event.

In the past few years, Viva AV has participated in the planning of countless events in Hong Kong ranging from annual dinners, public events to conferences & summits. Rely upon the efforts and assistance of our event producers, all of the events were conducted smoothly and successfully.

For example, Viva AV had provided one-stop event management hong kong service and gave full support to the grand opening of a new branch of American Eagle in Hong Kong. Not only that, we also assisted the organisation of a number of the major ceremonies in Hong Kong including Hong Kong Smart Design Awards and SHKP Sports for Charity.

Viva AV’s extensive experience in event management in Hong Kong can help you put on the event of your dreams.

What are the “all-in-one” event management services of an event management company?

Event management companies in Hong Kong usually manage event production and offer all of the necessary equipment on an individual basis. Viva AV, on the other hand, is more than simply a typical business.

Not only do we provide possible solutions for event production Hong Kong, we also supply clients with all the specialized stage equipment. We meticulously create and produce an event as skilled event planners. We carefully consider the event’s goals, then establish an event rundown and choose an appropriate venue depending on the demands of the consumer. We also source the supplies of props, audio and visual equipment such as lighting, photography and radio, to save you troubles from finding other equipment rental agencies. Well-trained technicians who are familiar with the deployment and operation of equipment will also be there to ensure the conduction of events.

Viva AV provides one-stop services from production to management. Throughout the whole process, we will be your best partner that coordinates and advocates. With Viva AV’s most up to date devices and equipment, your event can definitely be brought up to the next level!

Event management Hong Kong solutions by Viva AV

Maximization of customization is one major focus of Viva AV. We acknowledge that everyone has distinct objectives and aspirations regarding their projects or events. As a result, our event specialists who expertise in organising special and corporate events in Hong Kong will provide customized features and personalized services. The services are backed up by high-quality, creative, and value-added solutions that attract the most targeted customers and create values and suit the demands of our clients.

Apart from customization, we also place a high value on flexibility. The form of events in Hong Kong has altered subtly as a result of the digital marketing trend. Online and offline events, as well as hybrid event types, are prevalent. Viva AV put their cutting-edge knowledge and information about event production and planning into practice, with a variety of live streaming events, webinars, and E-commerce projects in Hong Kong with great success.

When you work with the Viva AV team, you can expect to receive not just a fantastic experience from start to finish, but also exactly what you want according to your requirements – all while staying within your budget.

Event production company in Hong Kong with advanced technology

Viva AV offers hybrid and virtual event production to adapt with the changing world. If you are looking for a live streaming and hybrid event production Hong Kong company, do reach out to us for a quotation. We are more than happy to share our experiences of event planning and event production with you. We had worked with HSBC for a live streaming event featuring popular Hong Kong stars, Keung To and Denis Kwok, at the studio of Asia Television Digital Media Limited. We are pleased to produce the livestream to catch the full runway show with the Redress Design Award. With world class technical production and digital innovation, Viva AV never disappoints our clients. We can even provide live streams with a green screen and add in the relevant animation instantly. We specialise in business event management production and are a great business partner to work with. We are professional, reliable and dedicated to provide the best in-class technology to equip with the advanced technology and bring your imaginative ideas to live. We hope you enjoy working with a group of talented and tech savvy professionals for your event planning and event management in Hong Kong.

Visual and sound are vital elements to contribute to the success of the event. Equipped with all the lighting, sound and LED wall, Viva AV provides you with the solutions you need. We understand the importance of social media and every company wants to drive as much social media engagement as possible. So even for event management, the sponsored company may want the event to go viral to get more exposure online. We can provide instant video editing and photography service for you to post on social media immediately. Viva AV is a trusted and award-winning event production company. Explore our amazing services for event management in Hong Kong.

Success Stories in Event Production Hong Kong

Story 1: Mega Corporate Product Launch

A Hong Kong tech company partnered with Viva AV to unveil their latest products. The event featured cutting-edge technology displays, celebrity endorsements, and a live stream that reached thousands of audience in the city.

Story 2: Charity Gala Dinner

A local charity organization collaborated with Viva AV to host a gala dinner. The event raised substantial funds through auctions, attracting both local philanthropists and international supporters.

Event Production & Management Company Hong Kong - FAQ

Viva AV offers a wealth of “all-in-one” management resources which includes event production, event management and planning, av production, LED wall rental, etc that can help create the most amazing event. Contact us if you are looking for the best event management company in Hong Kong.

You can view their past experiences and check out what kind of event production they have done to find the best event management company. Contact us now to inquire for a price quote.

Due to the pandemic, online events have come to the fore. We have been hosting more online events than ever. Our team is experienced in organizing online events, live streams, and virtual meetings with all the necessary equipment to help make your event successful.

We make sure that all measures are strictly adhered to Hong Kong government’s policy during event production and event management. All face-to-face events are run smoothly with our professional staff, technicians and part time helpers who are required to take Rapid Antigen Tests on the event day to ensure that they are physically fit and tested negative for onsite event management.

Not only does Viva AV is well-known in the event production industry, we have a proven track record of event production Hong Kong, providing the visuals and sounds system and providing an all-in-one solution for clients. We always exceed the highest standards of expectation for event management in Hong Kong. We also help organise events internationally and locally as we continuously expand reach and capabilities.

We do understand the needs of our customers and video editing for the event highlights can be done within one to two hour after the event finishes. Our customers can immediately post the event highlight video on social media platforms to gain the most exposure and share with netizens and press for the event highlights and recap. The video editing cost is included in the event production in Hong Kong.

As a preferred event management company in Hong Kong, Viva AV specializes in different kinds of event management Hong Kong, which include corporate events, concerts, conferences, exhibitions, etc. For years of serving our clients, our event production team has accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise in handling different types of event production Hong Kong.

Yes, we provide a complete suite of high-quality audio-visual equipment for event production Hong Kong. This includes sound systems, lighting equipment, LED walls, and more. Our technical team ensures everything is set up correctly for optimal performance.

Yes, we can. We have a diverse team that can provide support in multiple languages. This is particularly beneficial for international events or for events management Hong Kong with a diverse audience.

Yes,  Viva AV’s event management Hong Kong service can offer post-event analysis and reporting. We believe that understanding event performance is crucial for future success and hence we provide insights on attendee engagement, feedback, and other key metrics to help you measure the event’s success and plan for future event production.